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This is my testimony piece of artwork! How God works through us is amazing!

I was asked to create a piece that would reflect Horatio Spafford’s “It Is Well” hymn. His family had decided to take a vacation overseas but Horatio had to take care of some business so he sent his wife and four daughters ahead. The ship capsized and his wife survived sending a telegram “Saved. Alone.”  Horatio sailed to join his wife and he penned the hymn over the waters where his four daughters drown.

I started with a soothing color palette and visualized the helm of the ship going steadfastly through the waters. I had taken a random photo of a distant fishing boat out in the ocean just six months earlier. Checking the quality of the photo on the computer screen, I noticed the name on the side of the boat...“Daddy’s Girls”!!! 

God had me take that “random" photo knowing that it would be used to bless someone and give Him glory!

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