So very thankful for your business & website! It made my birthday shopping for my dear friend so easy! She will love this blanket/throw & I’m sure will be using your website as well once she sees all the wonderful products you offer. May God bless you & your precious family abundantly in 2024! In Him, Julie

Your artwork and messages are so beautiful and inspiring! God bless you! -Lisa

Art speaks every language including the language of the heart! Your art brings His Word alive & is filled with hope. love - Betty

"Your note cards are being used weekly to send to our first time guests at Columbiana First Christian Church as well as for birthday, anniversary, etc. with my own greetings inside. I am so grateful for the beauty of our Lord shining through your work." - Nancy

"Thank you - the print has arrived, and it is even more beautiful than we could have imagined. The detail, the colour, the verses on the bottom, superb! The little extras, the card and the post card size print, all so lovingly included. Very impressed. More than happy to recommend your service. Thank you so very much. And bless your ministry, it is wonderful." Love and blessings, Debbie, Labinsky, Australia

"It is WAY more than I expected it even could be! Holy Spirit is so good to us to give us the creative means by which to bring these beautiful renderings of The Father’s name to light for all to know! I absolutely love it! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I give thanks to Yehovah for YOU and the mad talents He has placed within you to help all of us raise His banner high and bring Him glory!" Shalom in Yeshua, our Prince of Peace, Kimberly

"...your new creations are spectacular and as always God’s word shines thru your artist gift of expressing His Living word! Love to you and so grateful for your work. Absolutely love you so much and want every blessing to come from your extraordinary work. I use your cards on a regular basis to encourage friends, family and people I mentor and the response of how wonderful they are is part of blessings that come back to me from the work God has purposed me to do!"  Blessings, Cindi

"Thank you for my order. It was promptly and perfectly filled and delivered."

"Dear Mara: Please accept this letter as a heartfelt thank you for providing the basket of Shine Living items to us for the Operation Christmas Child auction. The recipient was thrilled! You have assisted in touching and changing the lives of children internationally. We cannot thank you enough!" - Sincerely, Kris

"4 years ago I was given one of your cards. I didn't know your company then. I have held onto that card ever since I keep it in my bathroom to reflect on. It's the one that says be still and know that I am God. I got it when I got cancer and not soon after that it meant so much to me when my son went Home. I know so many people hurting. How much that card has blessed me. I want to send those kind of cards to people not the ones you buy in stores, the ones that have real true meaning to them, where God is speaking to them and your cards do that. Thank you for your company." - Mary Lou

"Love you! I am so proud of what God is doing in your life and you always had the vision dear!!!  I witnessed “your gifts will make room for you”!!!" veronica

"Dear Mara, I received my order today and the articles were even more beautiful and professionally packaged than I could have expected. Even more impressive and appreciated was your personal note of thanks for it and blessing included. I will treasure it. Some years ago, I purchased a canvas of "It Is Well" when you were selling your creations at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron at their Annual Christmas Craft Show. I've been inspired by it ever since and was especially struck by the story behind it of the fishing vessel. I found your website and saw all of your beautiful creations. I noticed you had pictures of the fishing vessel on the site of your "It is Well" print and wondered if you had ever considered making a print of that available for sale. I was thinking it would make a beautiful companion piece in a double 5x7 frame. Just a thought. May the Lord continue to inspire your work and bring blessings to you and Glory to Him. Continued success in using your talents to inspire and lead souls to Jesus." In His Grace, Barbara

"Thank you for glorifying our Lord with the gift He has given you!" In Christ alone, John

"Several years ago, I met a lovely woman who is an artist at an event we were both at. Mara has an art ministry where she creates inspired artwork, décor and gifts. Last year she provided bookmarks for each of our retreat attendees and this year - she created a piece of art specifically for the retreat based on our theme verse. When I received the artwork that she created for “Beauty Revealed”, I was moved by the autumn feel she captured of our fall retreat and the truth of the verse that when I seek the Lord, He makes me radiant! How blessed I am that Shine Living (Mara’s ministry) chose to provide this for us. THANK YOU Shine Living for sponsoring our retreat. Please visit her website, support her business and pray for her vision “to open a gift gallery with a coffee bar, library, fellowship/prayer rooms, baptismal pool and river, an Israel presentation - a 24/7 sanctuary immersed in the beauty and presence of the Lord. We see His beautiful Word on highway billboards, semi-trucks and apparel - drawing people to our loving Father, and revealing how He speaks to us each day.”" - Sandra, Biblical Life Coach, https://recognizeandremember.com

"A special thanks to Mara for another lovely personal note. I'm so surprised that you take time to connect with your customers. It means a lot to know we're not just another invoice number."

"Thank you again for using your gifts to inspire and bless so many, including me!" Love, Barbara 

"Mara, Good Morning, I gave my Daddy and his wife (Norma) the picture you made for me and they LOVED it! I can’t tell you how happy and excited they are to get a frame made and hang right inside the front door of the house. It made me so happy to see how much they loved it! Thank you again so much!" Jackee

"I can hardly wait to get my new prints. I have just the place to put them in my room for daily inspiration. I pray that the one destined for Saudi Arabia ministers to this young man's need. I felt the Holy Spirit's urging to send it so I'm trusting it will. Blessings to you my new Sister!" 

"God's blessings to you both and family! Mara; keep sending me your artwork website information; I love your work and will keep ordering items from you when needed! Keep in touch!" Debbie

"Oh My Goodness Mara!!! This looks so beautiful!!!  We love it! I've been so excited to see it - it was well worth the excitement!!! Thank you thank you Mara for your beautiful quick work!!" Beth

"This is absolutely beautiful. It took my breath away!!!!" kathie

"Dear Mara, my frameable prints of "A New Creation" have arrived safely in the UK. They are so beautiful, almost more than I hoped... I wanted to tell you why I bought this particular image. We have a retired minister who preaches occasionally in our church. He began his last sermon talking about a day or two before when he came across a butterfly trapped in his conservatory. The butterfly was afraid when he tried to catch it but eventually he cupped it in his hands and set it free. He went on to explain how we could be afraid to let God cup us in His hands but if we allow it then God will set us free. I was moved by what he said and wanted something to remind me and to thank him for his message. When I found your incredible artwork online, and saw the butterfly, I knew I had found what I wanted. Hence, one copy for me and one for Roy, the minister. God bless you." Lesley Edwards, United Kingdom

"Beautiful! Powerful and inspiring! Love you, sister!"

"Shalom, shalom Mara, I just picked up my mail and opened my treasure!!!!  just beautiful... and I was going to ask you to send business cards, and you did! and i forgot to ask if you had bookmarks, and you sent some!!!  Annnnndddd, you snuck an extra copy of "The Bride" in there!!!, thank you so much... may the Lord bless you richly for all you do... you are a wonderful blessing to us all!!!  We love you and mom... and your family, we just don't know them yet!!!  Thank you again..." Shalom, Pastor Laurel

"Ms. Mara, you did it again!  It’s gorgeous and it’s a go. Let me know the price and when you are ready for me to pay. Thank you so much!" Laurie

"Hi Mara! I received the bracelets today and they are beautiful, I know the girls will love them! So great talking to you also and thanks again." God bless, Sandy

"I just wanted to tell you this is one of the most beautiful prints I have seen in a long time! May God continue to bless you and your amazing talent that He gave you!" Debbie

"You have so many beautiful new works! I've been inspired just by going through your website... You come to mind daily as I have a print of your Psalm 5:1 with me every morning during my Quiet Time. I ordered two new prints for more personal daily inspiration and one for my friend who just TODAY shared her concerns for her son who works in Saudi Arabia. I was awestruck when I saw your creation "Wherever You Go" and read your story of its inspiration. Another example of God using you dear Mara to reach others with His love. May God continue to bless your Ministry." Gratefully, Barbara

Found a beautiful piece of your artwork at a local store. It's a picture of the ruins at Capernaum. A friend of mine went to Israel in Feb 2020 and brought back a dish with the mosaic pattern of the loaves and fishes that's in a building in Capernaum. Also started watching The Chosen in early 2021 much of which is centered in Capernaum. Thanks for this beautiful picture of the place where Jesus very likely taught, ministered and worked at least two miracles. - Judy

"Hello Mara, I pray God's richest blessings for you and your family. This past year has been especially difficult and I felt the need to let you know how much your picture "It Is Well" has meant to me during this time. Our daughter has autism and due to complications related to her diagnosis she has been hospitalized twice at Children's in Akron in less than 6 months. Her second admission was just before the stay at home orders. It has been crushing to see her on the psych unit. I have your picture of “The One - Be Strong and Courageous” and “Care for You” hanging by her bed to remind her who she is and the protection of her heavenly Father. (I’ve done it in all the kids rooms). As a therapist I have struggled to wrap my head around her mental health issues. Its so much easier when I am working with other people's kids. I feel that I have been compassionate in the care of my clients but this whole experience has taken that to a whole new level of understanding and compassion. Throughout all of this I know God uses our brokenness for His glory. His power is made perfect in our weaknesses. When I feel grief stricken I think of the picture "It Is Well" and I find peace and purpose. It makes it easier to bear knowing we have a heavenly Father who uses our brokenness. Thank you for doing what God has called you to! The art God has given you has been such a ministry to me!" Sincerely blessed, Tammy

Thank you so much, Mara! God IS so good! And He has certainly blessed you with talent, and kindness. Giselle

"Hi Mara, I met you 5 years ago when I had a breast cancer scare and my friend Pam took me to your shop and you prayed for me. I am doing great, off Tamoxifen and hopefully, Lord willing, no recurrence. Your cards are so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for continuing to design messages of ultimate truth! Thanks be to God!" Love, Kristie

"Dearest Mara, when I got your email about the Lion and Lamb print, I cried, still kind of teary now. It just strikes at my heart so deeply - the majestic lion and his deep calming gaze. I just ordered an 8x10... Thank you so much for your open soul to the Lord's leading into the ministry He has chosen for you. I am so grateful our paths have crossed. I'd love to come visit again sometime - would like to see that beautiful billboard in person!... I feel kind of energized - going through your designs encourages me to share my faith more..." Love, Jackie

This "Nation of Praise" is beautiful Mara, let’s get this on a billboard!  Build it and they will come!  Keep doing what you’re doing, soon it will be a worldwide phenomenon in other languages that also serve the God we serve!  It feels like God spoke this to my spirit the moment I saw this one today!!  Agree with me in prayer! God can do all things! Veronica

Mara, God gave me the message of bringing hope through that Scripture and people have told me how that has touched them. But it also was a support during these last for weeks to me and our leaders. I'm recovering from COVID along with a few staff, volunteers & board members. We have lost two dear friends and leaders from the virus right before Christmas.

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift of the notecard artwork "Faithful and True" and how it has ministered to us during these sad days. We look forward to His return but until then are thankful for His gift of hope during these last days of the year. You are one of those treasures He has blessed me with. Love - Betty

Thank you so much for your fast, creative, beautiful work... I think your talent blesses many and brings great comfort. Love & blessings, Tammy J.