In Remembrance - premium canvas

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"New Covenant" Collection of 4: In Remembrance, My Body, My Blood, This Cup  
(can be purchased separately 
OR coordinated together)

…do this in remembrance of Me.” Luke 22:19 NIV

The Upper Room where Jesus and His disciples shared the Last Supper is by tradition located on a hilltop in the southwest corner of Jerusalem. This place, having endured many cycles of destruction and repair, is now a rectangular room accented by pillars and vaulted ceilings. Its beauty is a reflection of Christianity’s deep respect for the radical events that transpired here. 

This site was the setting for the climax of Jesus’ earthly ministry. It was here during their Passover celebration that Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, established the sacraments of the Bread and the Cup, prophesied Judas’ betrayal and the disciples’ desertion, and prayed His priestly prayer for believers of all generations.  It was here in the Upper Room that the New Covenant was revealed, an unbreakable promise that God welcomes sinners through Jesus Christ.

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