TeacHaiti School of Hope

Buy a piece of jewelry • Help change a child's life • Build a future through education.
Each Saturday, TeacHaiti students, parents, alumni and teachers hand-make jewelry from recycled paper like cereal boxes. All proceeds support TeacHaiti: 50% provides food, transportation & supplies; 50% helps TeacHaiti alumni attend college.
For more information: TeacHaiti.org or miquette27@yahoo.com
Shine Living is honored to partner with Miquette and TeacHaiti. Many of our customers have bought the jewelry for teachers and ministry gifts. A descriptive tag about TeacHaiti is attached to each piece. Contact us info@ShineLiving.org or call me 330.472.2624 to see more - I HAVE A HUGE INVENTORY that I have not had time to photograph and add to website...