Kingsway Fundraiser

Support Kingsway Christian School in Orrville, Ohio! Their mission is "preparing life-long learners who impact the nations for the glory of God" and we are personally seeing transformation in our own sons!  Shine Living stands with Kingsway in believing the Lord our God is the One who gives us the ability (the power) to produce wealth (Deut. 8:18) for meeting all financial needs. We believe God has given our art ministry a creative way to fundraise. We are offering the following inspirational and unique products with 30–80% of the proceeds going to KCS. Products include original mara bochart designs and inventory from a partnering vendor. More items will be added. Any product on our website is available for purchase but only the products with a "KCS" in the title and NOW jewelry/wall art from Haiti (50% profit goes to KCS) and I have SO MUCH INVENTORY THAT IS NOT SHOWN - contact me if you want to see more! 330.472.2624) will contribute to the fundraiser. For example: when purchasing "Everlasting Love - canvas - KCS" for $25, Kingsway will be gifted 80% which is $20. Thank you for sharing God's beautiful Word while blessing our school!